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 and that’s what folks used to say when my incredibly talented mom got the kettle corn popping. Back in the day, just about everyone in Galveston, Texas knew that nobody had a better Kettle Corn recipe than my mom.


My Name is Tim Biggs, Chief Cornologist and proud owner of Ida Jeans Kettle Corn. Today, I keep mom’s legacy going with Ida Jean’s Kettle Corn.

It’s not just kettle corn, it’s Ida Jean’s Kettle Corn!

Ida Jean’s Kettle Corn is available freshly made on-site at your festival or special event! It’s a perfect crowd pleaser. One sample and I know you’ll agree it’s the best Kettle Corn EVER!


  • Licensed and insured for events nationwide.

  • Two available setups:

        10x10 tent
        10x20 trailer/tent combo

  • Each setup is self-contained and powered by my own generator.




Let’s get popping!

Ida Jean's Kettle Corn Fans

Ida Jean's Kettle Corn References

Halifax Art Show - Daytona Beach   5 years
Balloon and Sky Fest-New Smyrna Beach   2 years
Wildlife and Birdapalooza – Apopka  5 years
Music Festival – Daytona Beach – 3 Years
Halifax Oyster Festival - Daytona Beach   5 years
Wings and Wildlife - Apopka   4 years
River Festival- Ormond Beach  5 Years
Celtic Festival Ormond Beach   5 years
Art of the Automobile  Daytona Beach 4 years
Plus we do a lot of smaller events which include car shows, small local art shows and Parties



Book Us Today

Ormond Beach, Florida

Tel: 386 405 4080


Corniest Thing I Own

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